Moving Forward


Some important news:

The Queen of Purls will be relocating to The Hive in Finnieston.  This decision has come after being informed of a significant hike in rent after the initial lease of 4 years expires in March.  There are many other reasons as to why I have chosen not to renew the lease at 91 Saltmarket – the decision was not taken lightly.  The place was literally a dump when I first took it on and it took my Dad and I a solid two months of renovation to get it into shape.  I’ve put my heart and soul into the shop and many others have too.  I’ll be extremely sad to leave, but circumstances change with time and you have to change with them.

Looking forward to our move and new home, Aefa and Joe who own The Hive and The Hidden Lane in Finnieston have both been amazing in helping me find a place to move short notice and have been overwhelmingly welcoming to me.  I’m excited to have them as my new Landlords and to be part of their already vibrant community!

Down to the boring stuff, I’ll try and make this short!  The move has come at a shi**er of a time.  The eviction date is smack bang in the middle of Edinburgh Yarn Festival, where I will be delightedly showing at again this year (Did I mention how much I’m looking forward to it all?  I’m just so excited for this year!).  In order to give myself enough time to dye ALL THE YARN and move out of 91 Saltmarket I will be closing down business here at the end of next week.  The opening hours are as follows:

Wednesday 7th February – 11am – 6pm

Thursday 8th February – 11am – 5pm

Friday 9th February – 11am – 5pm

Saturday 10th February – 10am – 5pm

Thursday 15th February – 11am – 5pm

Friday 16th February – 11am – 5pm

Saturday 17th February –  10am – 5pm

After Saturday 17th, I will be closed until opening at The Hive which will be near the end of March.

To help clear stock for moving I will be offering a 15% discount and all yarn, excluding Queen of Purls Hand Dyed, from today up until we close on the 17th of February.  This will be available online too so come grab a bargain!  Use code EJY48TR392VF at the checkout to receive the discount!

O.K deep breaths all round as we move into this new era for The QoP!!!



2 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Fingers crossed for a stress-free move! Looking forward to visiting you in your new location 💕
    Will pop by your stand at EYF for a natter 😉 xxx


  2. East ends loss is the west ends gain! Shocking about the rent rises, I wonder how many other businesses might be affected. Sorry to see you go but all the very best in your new premises!


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