How To Make A Perfect Tassel Queen of Purls Style!

Perfect Tassel Queen of Purls Style

1. Start making a tassel as normal & tie the top to secure. I’m using a different colour so you can see easier, use any colour you like!

2. Grab a length of yarn about 30 cm (this really depends on overall length & thickness of your tassel but for a small one 30cm is fine!) that you want to tie your tassel with & fold it about a third of the way & place on top of your tassel as shown. Make sure the long length is at the top, the short length at the bottom & the ‘loop’ at the bottom of the tassel.

3 & 4. Now take the top, the longer length, & bring it down over the top of the shorter length (pic 3), then take it under & back over the top to start wrapping it. Keep wrapping in this direction working from the top of the tassel to the bottom. Wrap neatly so each wrap lies directly next to each other & wrap it TIGHTLY!

5. Keep wrapping until desired length but don’t wrap completely over that loop you made at the start. Thread your working yarn through the loop from top to bottom.

6. Pull the top piece of yarn, that short bit that you folded over earlier that is at the top of the tassel. You’ll start to see the loop tightening & disappearing under the wraps. Keep pulling until the loop disappears completely under the wraps, but don’t pull until it comes out the top again, you want it to be hidden! At this point I like to pull on both ends at the same time just to tighten everything nicely.

7. If you do want to use a different colour for this part of the tassel you can trim the ends flush to the wraps. If you wrapped tightly enough they will stay secure. If you are using the same colour, or more than one colour so it will blend in, you can trim the bottom length of yarn to the same length as the rest of your tassel. Thread the top length of yarn with a needle up & over the top, under the knot you tied the top of the tassel with, then down the other side & back under the wraps on the other side. Again trim to the length of your tassel.

8. Pull any unruly pieces into place & give a final trim if needed. Now you have a perfect tassel with a wrap at the top that also looks perfect all the way round!


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